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Top 10 SEO Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher

From ages, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been one of the most used digital marketing methods and it is adopted widely across all industries. In a layman’s term, SEO is a marketing technique through which the ROI or the traffic to a web page is increased by changing the visibility of the page on the search engine result. SEO has become an integral part of marketing technique that a business has to follow to keep themselves floating in the present competition. The internet and the search engines are playing huge roles in this age of technology.

With best SEO training institute in Indore coming forward, it can be easily said the SEO professionals are in great demand. If you are looking to successfully clear an SEO job interview, take up the SEO training and be well prepared.

1. What are the various steps taken to optimize a web page?

A SEO specialist should be detail oriented and methodical. They should be capable of making their clients understand the process step-by-step. A SEO specialist that knows his work makes sure there is no stone left unturned, from reviewing the website’s quality and current rank to drawing out the perfect strategies to evaluate the success of an optimizing campaign.

2. What are the various types of SEO?

Majorly there are two types of SEO that are being practiced in digital world today, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Digital marketing is definitely the future of marketing, which makes it a lucrative career option. The most exciting thing about studying and working in this field is the lightning pace at which it is changing.

  • On-Page SEO – It is the process of optimizing a web page which includes basically the onsite work like writing content, title, ALT tag, Meta tags, and description along with making sure web page’s code and design that can be properly crawled and indexed by search engines.
  • Off Page SEO – It is a method of earning backlinks from different web sites with the main motive to develop the ranking of the page. This method includes different SEO steps like blog posting, article submission, forum, classified, press release submission, and miscellaneous.

What are the various SEO techniques?

There are basically two SEO techniques: Negative SEO or Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.

How to get a natural backlink to a site?

Some of the preferred ways of getting a natural backlink to a web page site are article marketing, blog commenting, link exchange, social networking profile, etc.

How does data inform the strategy?

It is important to understand that the SEO is not a matter of guesswork. It is important to have analytical mind and should work with the clients closely to make sure that the client have the right insights to guide their strategies.

What are the ways to cross check if campaign is working or not?

To make sure that the campaign is working or not, is to make an attempt to cross search all the search engines containing the relevant key keywords and phrases that are to be optimized. After the thorough analysis, the end results will tell clear whether the SEO methods used for optimization have worked or not. To make the campaign success the report has to be analyzed regularly.

Differentiate between Nofollow and Dofollow link?

  • Nofollow link – It is an HTML attribute value which is used to initiate search engine bots that a hyperlink should not be the main factor to influence the ranking of the page in search engine’s index.
  • Dofollow link – It is a kind of hyperlink that improves the overall ranking of the page as it acts as a backlink which is easily picked up by the search engines.


What are the common SEO mistakes?

Common SEO mistakes usually done by the digital marketers while writing content on digital platforms are –

  • Using wrong words
  • Redirection problems
  • Falling prey of SEO myths


External but important factors that can impact the ranking of the web page?

Some of the external factors are page views per visit, time spent on the site, returning visitors and bounce rate.

Types of Meta Tags and their characters limits?

Generally in SEO there are two types of Meta tags –

  • Falling prey of SEO myths
  • Description Meta tag – 150 characters limits